The Business of Changing Lives

Life Solutions Advocates (LSA) is spearheading an international effort to build a global network of professionals working together to address the crisis of catastrophic illness and poor health.

LSA is reaching out to medical, caregiver, fitness and wellness industry practitioners and communities to join the LSA Directory and communicate new solutions to clients and patients.


There is a crisis of catastrophic disease in our world. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity now affect over a third of the adult population of developed nations. Our children are now at risk. People need better information and solutions and they need them now.

Working together with our Directory Partners, we will provide many thousands with the validated information they need to address their health issues and develop a healthier and more productive life. We deal with proven science and clinical trial data to support our product and health strategy recommendations.

The partners in Life Solutions Advocates are from Canada, The United States and Australia and bring deep expertise in the topics. We are aligned with scientists and medical practitioners and specialists in every critical field and we are excited about the use of Tele-Medicine and e-Care.

Importantly, we believe in free enterprise as the most effective means of reaching the millions of potential clients and customers and those joining with us will be given a significant business opportunity. This is welcome news to practitioners who face rising costs and restricted income opportunities in the “Health Care Crisis.”

Life Solutions Advocates is open for business and Advocating for positive change.

The Business of Changing Lives.

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